Commitment is a powerful influencer. When you ask someone for a commitment, and they agree to it, that person is much much more likely to follow through and do what they said they would do.

Not 100% of the time.

But the odds of compliance go up considerably when you can get someone to commit to a path.

However, my experience is that almost every program misses this simple and important technique for driving better program results.

When launching your next initiative ask your participants to commit to the program and to their goals.

Why not? You ask them to accept the terms and conditions of the program. You must alert them to new privacy requirements like GDPR and CCPA, and they need to check a box saying they understand those things. They are already in the “get permission/check box” mindset, why not also ask them to commit to the goals and to the things that will help them earn awards?

Simply include statements like:

“Check this box if you commit yourself to working hard and earning all the awards you can!”

Or …

“Fill out the three things you will commit to doing to hit your goal this year.” (And then give them a little bonus for doing that.)

In other words, get them to commit to the program and to success.

Simple things can have big results.