Most executives have no problem spending tons ‘o chedda on product, process, pricing, purpose, and perks.

But at the same time, they will have some weird aversion to spending money on people.

This post is for those folks.

#PROTIP: It’s Always the Last Mile

For those of you in Rio Linda, the “last mile” refers to the portion of the telecommunications network chain that physically reaches the end-user’s premise. In other words, it is the cable from the pole in your back yard or neighborhood, to your house. Traditionally the “last mile” has been the problem for delivering faster speeds and updated services. In most cases, the telephone trunk lines that carry phone calls between switching centers are made of modern optical fiber, but the wire from the pole to your house is still 100-year-old tech – twisted-pair copper wires. There can be little improvement until those copper wires are replaced by something with a bit more oomph.

Why do I bring up problems with telecommunications on a site focused on loyalty and engagement?


Every business has a “last mile” and the “last mile” is its employees.

It’s the People Stupid

The concept of employees as the last mile of a business was beautifully illustrated in a LinkedIn post from Zach Eikenberry – the CEO of Hook Security Company who stated:

“When I recently asked someone for a moving company recommendation, they said something interesting.

‘It doesn’t matter the company, what matters is which movers show up.’

I’m still chewing on the implications of this off handed comment.

The more I look for the equation ‘the people who you interact with > than the company,’ the more I see this everywhere.”

Read that line again – “It doesn’t matter the company, what matters is which movers show up.”

THAT is where you need to put your money.

People define and deliver the business. They are your “last mile.”

No amount of product development and marketing over time will counteract horrible last mile performance. Not in today’s over-sharing world.

Don’t put your money where your mouth is.

Put your money where your people are.


#PROTIP #2 – Or…Put your money where my mouth is. Call me and we can talk about your engagement needs – channel, employee, consumer.

I am your “2nd to the last mile”.