Does your program focus your people on one goal for 12 months? You’re going to lose people very quickly when you do this.

Or do you have too many programs with little focus, simply running promotion after promotion after promotion. You’re going to lose people in this scenario too because they just don’t have the available mental RAM to keep up.

Incentive “initiatives” should be portfolios of events, structures, goals, objectives and tactics.

Don’t plan “a” thing. Plan A strategy that is a roll up of a “reasonable” number of things you’re asking, nudging, rewarding.

How many? Depends.

How often? Depends.

How much? Depends.

If this was easy you wouldn’t need me.

Bottom line – create the overall strategy and then break it down into actionable events that tie to actual behaviors to create your incentive portfolio.

No one buys one stock (or shouldn’t). No one buys so many they can’t keep track of them.

Don’t make the same mistake with your channel and sales influence strategy.

Optimize based on your unique needs and wants.

Some short. Some long. Some fun. Some more business-ey.

It’s one thing and many things.