Saw this in my LinkedIn feed today. (Email subscribers may/will need to click through to see video embedded below.)

It is a promotional video for Cricket Wireless.

Those who didn’t click through he’s the deal.

Cricket Wireless set up a roulette type wheel in a shopping area and asked random people to spin the wheel to see what they could win. The catch was they could keep the money shown or give away 10 times the amount on the wheel. Take $50 or give away $500.

And, in a surprise twist, for those that gave away the money – they were then given same amount they gave away to keep. An unknown bonus for being generous.

While the video is heartwarming, (pass the Kleenex my allergies are acting up), the point of this post is to consider giving something unexpected to your audience. Give them the ability to pay it forward as part of the reward structure.

You could make this as simple as giving any salesperson who hits their monthly target $250 in award points they would then have to award people they felt enabled their success. You could do this a part of the structure ahead of time – or surprise them after the fact with the option. How cool would it be to not only earn your own award but to earn and award you can give back to the team that helped you?

Do not underestimate how having the opportunity to reward someone else can impact a person’s engagement and motivation.

No person is an island. Especially today in our team-selling environment.

There is always someone who helps.

Give your audience a way to reward and recognize them.