“If you were a video game which game would you be?”

No. This isn’t a trick interview question from Gryzzl or some other high tech company. It’s a question we’re asking related to our newest whitepaper “Unleash an Epic Incentive Program: Leveraging the Power of Game Design.” Click the link and take a quick, 5-question quiz, and find out what kind of game you are and then download our whitepaper on how the elements of game design can help with the design of your next incentive program.

It’s Not Magic – It’s Science

If you’re a parent I know you’ve stared at your kids playing games and wondered what magic those games employ to get your kids to be focused and quiet for hours on end. Well – it’s not magic. It’s science. The science of motivation and engagement. If you download our whitepaper you can read how two different theories of motivation – Self-Determination Theory and Fogg Behavioral Model – combine to explain why game mechanics tap into our very human and very powerful psychology of engagement.

The whitepaper (and we mean whitepaper – it is 12 pages of well-researched information – not just a blog post with big pictures) describes key elements you need to consider when designing a successful program structure (or … what WE use when designing structures FOR you… hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

Download the whitepaper (after taking the quiz – really – it’s fun!) and learn what game designer and author Jane McGonigal – “Realilty is Broken… Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World” – says are key elements of successful games:

  • Urgent Optimism
  • Social Fabric
  • Blissful Productivity
  • Epic Meaning

For each of these elements our whitepaper shows how they manifest in an incentive/reward program. Nice huh?

Please – take a minute to find out what kind of game you are and download our whitepaper.

Hope you find it valuable. Let me know in the comments what kind of game you are and please ping me if there is anything I (we) can do to level up your next incentive and reward program.

Gotta go – time to rescue the Princess!