We rely too much on technology.

Both as an enabler for tasks/process to makes us more efficient and as a buffer between people/conversations.

If you’ve ever used email or text to take the place of a face-to-face conversation you know it takes a lot of back and forth to finally get to a successful conclusion of the digital conversation. It’s frustrating!

Technology has made our non-people focused tasks extremely efficient – but conversely, our personal, human tasks become very inefficient and in most cases, totally ineffective.

#Protip for incentive managers: Don’t rely on your software alone to influence and energize your audience.

Make IRL (“in real life” for those of you in Rio Linda) an intentional part of your influence and incentive strategy.

Go out in the field. Reward people in person.

Reward and incentive programs at their core are about people. People are analog not digital. Don’t make your program 100% digital. It might be efficient but you lose the people.

You need to keep the people.

Go meet with them.