Many clients will tell me they don’t need an incentive program. They’ll tell me everything is great. They’ll say their compensation system or current rebate program covers their goals and focuses their participants on the things they want.

And then I’ll ask.

So there is nothing you wish they would do differently?

There is nothing you’d want them to do more of?

There is nothing you’d want them to stop doing?

I have never had a client shut that line of discussion down.

There is always something you wish people would do more of, less of, differently.

The problem is that compensation and overall marketing contract are big clumsy tools to adjust when you want to refocus behaviors. They are great for setting behavioral guardrails – the big stuff. But they are lousy at fine-tuning behaviors.

That’s what a great non-cash incentive platform can do.

It can nudge vs. push.

It can suggest vs. demand.

It can change vs. being immutable.


Do you need an incentive program?

Ask yourself – “If I could get “X” to do “Y” I could accomplish “Z.”

Fill in the blanks and then call me.