Domino’s Pizza offers insurance. If your pizza gets ruined after you pick it up, they replace it free.

You probably have insurance on your car, your home, your life!

But I find it very interesting that most clients won’t buy insurance on their incentive and reward programs.

You would think if they are spending a ton of money, upwards of a million dollars in some cases, they would want to be a little surer their money is going to give them result they want. Yet, in many cases today the only insurance you get from your provider is “Trust me” or “That’s what [insert come consultants best practice here.]”

Instead – spend a few dollars to do an assessment of your audience to understand their motivational profile – what gets them going on average – what are they missing as a group. THEN design the program.

When spending a million dollars on a program this is the least you should do.

It’s what I recommend. It’s what we bring to the table. It’s how we protect your investment.