We value strategy and strategic thinkers.

How often do you hear things like, “that person is really strategic” as if that was the ultimate level on some hierarchy of business value?

I call BS on that.

Strategy is important. It is an important skill set.

But put 100 strategic thinkers in a room and see what outputs you get.

The answer will be 100 great ideas, models, plans, thoughts.

But until someone moves any of that great “strategy” into execution you have nothing.


Execution creates. Strategy envisions.

You do need both. But even if I don’t have a perfect strategy, I can probably continually iterate with a team that is great at execution and arrive in a similar place as some “strategic” thinker with a beard, round glasses and a pipe. Might take me a bit longer but I’ll get there.

Don’t get me wrong. Be strategic. But once you start being strategic don’t forget to stop.

Stop thinking and start doing.

If you think an incentive will change a behavior and you believe will help the business. Try it. You can’t think it into success. Do it.

I spend a lot of my program design time with clients moving them from “talking about how to influence behavior” into “crafting a rule and putting it into the program.”

There is old saying “Once you stop to think, don’t forget to start again.” I think it more apropos to say “Once you stop to think, don’t forget to do something.”

Being smart isn’t a job description.

Stop being strategic. Execution matters. Do something.