There seems to be a theme running through my posts lately. That theme is incentive programs for channel partners and salespeople aren’t really about selling more stuff.

That’s a side effect. But that isn’t the real outcome.

Your incentive program is an engagement platform. It’s where your brand gets linked to rewards, help, knowledge, fun, ideas, success, recognition, connection … in the mind of your participants.

Your platform is where brand loyalty begins.

If the only thing you think your incentive program doing is rewarding specific sales goals, or sales activities, you’re missing 99% of what your platform should do for you.

And truthfully, you’re also missing 99% of what the platform can do for your audience.

Your platform is a two-way street and the sooner you see that, that more likely you are to build long-term loyalty and engagement with your audience.

It isn’t just about sales. It never was.