Pick any sport… if you wanted your team to be the best would you spend money on the coaches office or the equipment needed to make your athletes better?

Yeah. I thought so. 

A few years ago when we started designing a way to engage our clients’ audiences we took a step back and asked what is one of the ways we could make our process more effective? One of the things we thought we could improve on was the way in which the program technology worked. 

In almost every instance we studied, the interface for the program administrator was very well designed. You could tell it was where a lot of time and energy (and money) was spent. 

We thought that was backward. We thought that the effort should go into the part of the program that the actual user interacted with. 

That was a departure.

Everyone else focused on the admin and how to show it off to potential buyers. We didn’t. And we’ve had some difficulty explaining why we thought our way was better. People kept asking us to show them the “admin” view. We kept saying that didn’t matter.

Now I have that image in the header of this post to use. Once I show the client that image they get it. 

Your incentive program is about performance and results. Not how easy you can download a report. Focus on the people that drive results first.

PS:  If you know who to give credit to for the image let me know. I couldn’t find it.