If you spend any time on the Internet today you know that the best headline always include either a number or some amazing statement like “And you won’t imagine what happened next.” It’s clickbait. Designed to get you click the link and go to their site. And it works like a charm. Another clickbait strategy is to focus on negatives. And while this is true for general media – the business sites do the same. Bloggers do the same. And I don’t think that there is one area of business that focuses on the negative than posts and articles about Human Resources.

Unfortunately negative press has a habit of becoming reality.  There’s the old saw that says if you repeat a lie often enough it will eventually be believed as the truth.

I think that’s happening in the HR space.  There’s a lot of negative press about HR.  A lot of press about how they’re not doing their job, they’re not smart enough, they’re not business savvy.  Frankly, I don’t think HR deserves that categorization.  Many of the HR people I deal with on a regular basis are intelligent, caring, professional and just downright good people.  They don’t deserve to be categorized as incompetent or behind the times or unimportant in the business space.

I believe HR is MORE important today because businesses rely more than ever on human beings to drive business value.  Innovation, creativity, speed to market are all human characteristics and what is driving business success.  So to categorize HR in a negative light is doing a disservice to business in general.

Therefore, I’ve started a new movement, an HRPositive movement to help highlight and focus on the things that are uplifting and positive in the HR space. We see way too much negativity today and need to focus on the positive side of what HR is doing.

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I realize I’m HR adjacent. I do not work in HR for a living. But I work with HR people. I respect HR people. I want to help HR.

hrpositive sidebarTherefore, I’ve created a LinkedIn group called HRPositive.

The only requirement of this group is that anything put in the group has to be positive toward the HR space. It can include articles about how great HR is or a post about an individual who is working hard and having success.  It’s about lifting up fellow HR practitioners in a way that makes them happy and proud to be doing the job they are doing.

I’m hoping this group grows.

I’m hoping this group contributes.

I only ask one thing from this group.  And that is to not be negative.

Leave the snark at the door.

Leave the negative at the door.

Leave behind the things keeping HR from being a positive force for change in your organization.

I have a post up on The Fistful of Talent site today highlighting this group as well and links back to a post I did about 4 months ago called “The Rules of HR Club” – that was the impetus of this movement.

So, if you are in HR take control of your brand… take control of your image.

Please click on the HRPositive button and join the LinkedIn group and start posting positive discussions about HR.

Thank you and know I appreciate you!