If you’ve taken any time to poke around this site you know that I write for other sites/blogs. Fistful of Talent (will have one up next week again) and HRExaminer – to name two.

Today I have a post up on HRExaminer where I discuss that much loved to be hated managerial task – the performance review. It is a bit long – but well worth it if I do say so myself. I have a different take (at least I think it is different) than most folks do.

Everyone else is talking about how to change the process. I’m talking about changing the people.

performance reviews

I know that no process, survey, questioning format, time-constrained, SaaS modeled review process will fix our review problem. I say that will all confidence because the review process if fine. It’s the people doing the reviews that suck.

And – it will be difficult to change because if you confront people on this they will all agree – and then point the finger at someone else. People all think they do performance reviews well – and they don’t. It’s like the old saw that says over 90% of the people think they are above average.

Hint: You’re not. And they’re not.

Now go get to work on that review and put some oomph into it!

Oh – and go out and read my post on HRExaminer where I say things like:

See, the real problem with performance reviews is managers don’t put the effort into them to make them valuable and effective. They don’t really dig deep. They don’t care about helping the employee; they care about checking a box, because that is what is required of them. Think about it. Who actually measures the effort a manager puts into a review? Who checks to see how well the review accurately reflects reality (theirs or anyone else’s)? Has a manger ever been reviewed on their reviewing skills, and how exactly would you do that if you wanted to?

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