Many incentive programs are simply “do x get y”. Nothing wrong with that. I would probably classify them more like a customer loyalty program instead of a true incentive since they are really designed to reinforce ongoing engagement with the product and the brand.

But also look at using programs that incorporate goals and tiers to create a reason to sell MORE of your brand than what was sold before.

Incentives of the “do x get y” group drive your audience to sell your brand when they have discretion on what to present and sell to the buyer. That’s where the loyalty comes in.

But adding a program layer or two that focus on a growth goal or a higher sales tier help to not only get your audience to recommend your product – but to recommend MORE of it. 

The goal-based award structure provides a “pull’ for your audience to look for more customers to sell your product to, versus simply substituting your product for a competitor product in non-contested, passive sales engagements.

Give your audience a reason to make another call and talk about YOUR product.

Layer a goal-based structure on top of the ongoing “loyalty” structure. 

Or let your competitor do that. Your call. 😉