We spend a lot of time communicating in the tech lane. Meaning we live and dialogue amongst the bits and bytes now. Email, SMS text messaging, instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

Almost all of our communication today is carried on tiny electrical charges running through tubes. 

And while extremely efficient. It isn’t always extremely effective. 

Numbers, rules, regulations, statements of fact. All very easily sent using electronic communications. All easily understood. Or more likely easily MISunderstood. (I submit political commentary on Facebook as evidence).

Unfortunately, digital communications doesn’t allow for much subtext or feeling. Emotions (except via heartfelt emojis) aren’t as easily conveyed. 

But send a handwritten note via the USPS and BAM! – you’ll have an impact. 

Send a box with a little gift (even a small dollar amount gift) and it will surely be opened and appreciated. I’ve thrown a lot of envelopes away without opening. Never done that with a box. Never. 

Don’t forget atoms. 

Use them in your communication plan and help increase engagement and commitment to your program.

Use tangible communications to increase emotion and elevate the “feeling” your audience has with your incentive. 

We all get the Facebook “HB2U” on your feed and we appreciate it. 

But we love to get a card, a call, a visit. Real-life. Atoms. 

Add atoms to your program along with the bits and bytes.