Yesterday was Super Tuesday. 

Don’t get mad yet – this post isn’t really about politics and this isn’t Facebook.

Results from the voting in the various Democratic primaries dominated the news cycle. And a lot of the discussion was about Democrats as a “block” – or the “left” as a group. In other words, the news was treating those voting in the “Democratic” primaries as a group of very like-minded individuals who, depending on the channel you listen to, want to recreate Russia or Cuba in the US, or want to annex Norway. 

But the truth is, that “block” of voters is made up of a huge melange of hopes, dreams, opinions and points of view.

Just like the audience in your incentive program.

How often have you heard that ALL salespeople are driven by competition? Or that money is the ONLY thing that will motivate salespeople?

More than once I’m guessing. 

But that is #fakenews. 

It is no more true than ALL Democrats believe the same thing (hence the reason there were 29 people running for President in the Democratic party at one time) as it is all your salespeople respond to the same incentive tools.

Design For Differences AND Similarities

Every program needs to have some common themes across the participant population, but it also needs to include other opportunities for reward that fit the various styles and approaches of your sales team. You need to include programs that reward growth, programs that reward the steps to the sale, programs that reward a mix of products. 

In other words, you need program opportunities that reward the different ways the individuals on your sales team achieves their goals. 

And the way they earn shouldn’t be the only place variation is embraced. 

Make sure your reward mix contains a huge variety as well. Don’t limit the choice of reward. Open it up – ensure your audience will find what they find valuable. Not everyone will want that Taylor Hicks Top 10 CD you’ve been cherishing forever. 

Variety is the spice of life and of incentive programs. 

Reward your brains, your athletes, your basketcases, your princesses, and your criminals.

Well, maybe not the criminals. But you get my drift.