Time is now our most precious commodity.

Well, maybe a close 2nd to Facebook political posts.

And in 2020 we get extra time. 

February 29, 2020. Leap Day. Make up day. Designed to consolidate the ¼ day excess we get every year in between. 

What will you do with it? How can you leverage that extra time with your incentive program audience?

Here’re some ideas.

  • Ask them to send you ways you can help them save time in the sales cycle and award points for every response and a big award for the top 3 ideas.
  • Provide a list of suggestions on how to save time in a work day and ask for their favorite and then reward them a few points for responding – make it a surprise!
  • Send an inexpensive logo-identified item with a small clock embedded in it – maybe a picture frame or a pen – with a nice note about how much you value their “time” with your brand. 
  • Schedule a quick 1:1 meeting with them to say thank you. It’s always nice to do that in person. For some this might be tough (too many reports) but maybe a note saying “with the extra day this year it reminded me to reach out and thank you for the extra effort you made on ‘xxx” activity (specific!!!).” Trust me – this is a big winner.

The point is we have an extra day this year and it is something special. It won’t happen for another 4 years. Do something with it that communicates you’re thinking of the people who drive success in your program.

Don’t waste this time.