Traveling this week and writing from Vancouver, BC, Canada. That means it is 3 hours earlier than my normal body clock/posting habit. So, from your perspective I’m late. From my perspective I’m pretty much on time.

And that’s an interesting thing to keep in mind for incentive program design.

What you think is reasonable as an incentive architect may be hugely unreasonable from the point of view of the participant.

Don’t make that mistake.

For every rule or program you design, stress test it with someone in your target audience.

Does it make sense when you explain it?

Does it help them be successful?

Is it possible?

If it is possible is it reasonable? Sending a person to the moon was possible. It wouldn’t be reasonable to give that goal to your 12-year-old.

You are not your audience. You don’t know the context they have to work your “little incentive program” into every day. That can make or break a great program.

Don’t be smarter than you are. Be smart enough to listen to someone else.

Now… where is that Ambien, melatonin, sleep mask and Lagavulin?