I don’t do the normal prediction post or look-back post mostly because they are pretty easy and common. But I’m not above some self-promotion so I’m leaving 2015 with this podcast I did with friend Rayanne Thorn. We did a similar one last year and she swears it is the most listened to podcast for the year (don’t know what that says – maybe it is true people love a good trainwreck!)

Either way – she “twisted” my arm to do another one this year and it is up on her broadcast site – IntrepidNow – in the HR section. Check out the entire site and also check out DoveTail Software where Rayanne works. Follow her on twitter too.

So – as you pour your first (or fifth) drink today click the link below and listen in to 38 minutes of rip roarin’ conversation about things I find interesting. Remember – this whole social media thing is always about the individual. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking social media is about connecting. It’s about promotion.

So – wait no more… Click play in the embedded player or click the link below to jump out to the IntrepidNow site.

intrepid now


Paul Hebert on HRLatte and Intrepid_Now

Happy New Year!