Le sigh…

Wrapping paper everywhere.

Dishes in the sink.

Belt unfastened to allow for figgy pudding (or in my case bread pudding.)

The inevitable “thought that counts” presents that didn’t count, or fit, and the “what were they thinking” presents piled near the door so you don’t forget to take them back to the store before the “grace period” and you’re stuck with Aunt Ina’s gag underwear gift.

The point is for every high note there is a lower one.

For every incentive program when there is a redemption event, an award event, a recognition event, there is a time when nothing happens.

Those lulls are needed to accentuate the feeling your audience gets when they do earn awards or get their new smoker or new electronic whatsitgaget.

Take a break. Let the lull happen and plan for the next rise and crescendo in the program.

That’s how it’s supposed to work. Ride the waves.

And start working on those New Year’s Resolutions. They’re not going anywhere.