The holiday is behind us.

I truly hope your Thanksgiving was filled with thanks (of course), was safe, and included all the trimmings that make for great memories.

And for many of you (us?) who didn’t follow our diet plans to the letter over the past few days (I HAVE to eat that last piece of pie now so it’s not around to tempt me later) we now have to get back into the swing of things.

Here’s a tip.

Behavior change is a game of inches not yards.

Don’t focus on the outcome of your plan.

Focus on your first next step.

That’s it.

Don’t think about the damage you did over the past few days to your diet. Think about the next great thing you will do to move yourself forward toward your goal.

Rehashing your failures only helps if you don’t know why you failed. Once you know why – move on. Applying that information to your next success is your goal.

Throw away the pie. Step one accomplished.

Find low-calorie recipes for your leftovers. Step two accomplished.

See how easy it is?

Behavior change is all about the short term.

Now let me ask – how much of your current reward and recognition program focusses on short-term things? Or do you simply say – “See you in 12 months when we do a true up and notify the “winners”?

Yeah. Thought so.

Change happens in inches not yards.

Go find some inches to worry about.