A good portion of incentive and reward programs for salespeople, whether corporate or channel, are focused on the company (or sponsor) awarding the audience for achieving specific sales goals or other desirable behavior-based objectives. Most likely, based on some sort of “data feed” uploaded to the platform each week/month.

But is that the only way to update and reward your audience?

Can you give your own managers the ability to reward behaviors they see exhibited by their staff salespeople?

Can your field reps give points to channel participants based on when they visit a location, or for other observable behaviors in the field?

In other words, are there more people and points of view that can weigh in on your audiences’ performance and allow them to provide awards as well? It doesn’t have to be much. Just enough to make a difference. Just enough to let the participant know you care.

To paraphrase form House Speaker Tip O’Neill – “all incentive and recognition is local.”

Well, maybe not all – but some. You get the drift.

Are you enabling more localized awards?

You should.