I was going to go with the “I feel the need for speed,” but Tom Cruise isn’t as likeable to the masses as Will Farrell might be. But either quote will do.

My point is the ability to launch fast, test fast, analyze fast, and respond fast, is the state of the game today.

Some would say speed is all. I’d say informed speed is all.

You have to be able to create a hypothesis, design the experiment and run a test faster than your competitor can.

The decades old way of creating a “program” website and running a 12-month incentive are as quaint as party-lines and a single wall-phone in the kitchen with a 50-foot coiled cord so your sister can hide around the corner and talk to her “boyfriend.”

You need the ability work with your provider to sense the market, craft a response and test the impact. If positive, go full bore. If negative shut it down quickly.

Any other feature is really just window dressing. Which if you think about it – no one in your audience will even notice if they aren’t paying attention to your window and are across the street shopping your competitor.

Informed speed. You heard it here first so you won’t be last.