We place a higher value on that which we create.

It’s called the “Ikea effect.” But it’s been around longer than Ikea.

When instant cake mixes were first marketed in the 1950s, many homemakers were resistant because the instant mixes made cooking “too easy.” In response, the producers of the cake mixes required homemakers add an egg. By adding one more step – cracking an egg resulted in increased instant cake mix sales.

Does your program include the ability for your participants to create their own goals? Not just professional ones, but maybe some personal ones too?

Would you be willing to give your participants a portion of your incentive funds if they hit a personal goal but not their professional one?

Before you answer, let me ask this. Do you want an engaged and loyal sales team and/or channel or do you just want mercenaries? If creating mercenaries waiting for the next “deal” is your target, stop reading.

If loyalty and engagement is your desire – then don’t be selfish.

Let them create their own goal. Reward them for attainment.

They will be more invested in the program because they were part author.

Remember, no one’s baby is ugly.

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