Most likely your sales incentive or channel incentive is designed to reward your audience for hitting their goals.

Bless your heart as they say here in the south. You are doing your best I guess.

But real programs – programs that get results – give as much as they get.

What Was That!

I make it a point to include some sort of “surprise and delight” strategy within all my program designs. I want my audience to always think the next interaction with my client’s brand will be a fun experience. Keep them on their toes and keep them expecting good things from the brand.  

That’s what surprise and delight does for you. It makes your brand something that creates positive vibes. It’s not hard. You can simply reward your audience for their 5th login to the incentive platform and just say thank you. Or maybe deposit 10 points in your audience’s incentive accounts because it is national hamburger day and your client is a food company that sells mustard. If you have the participants birthdate in your data – send them a birthday present of a point deposit (or maybe an actual gift!)

You can learn from some wonderful brands in this post on the INC. website. TD Bank took notes on the kinds of situations their clients were in and the interests they had and then surprised clients with personalized thank you gifts ranging from Disneyland tickets for a single mom, roses for the elderly, and airline tickets for a mother who wanted to visit her sick daughter. Lord & Taylor announced a weeklong Twitter campaign where they asked their customers to post an item carried by their store with the hashtag #obsessed. Weeks later a flood of retweets started coming in from gushing customers shocked and surprised by receiving the very item they were #obsessed with.

While those are consumer examples think how you could do the same with your incentive audiences.

Break through the noise of day-to-day selling and surprise and delight your audience!

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