Amazon can ship a toaster.

United can get you from home to Hawaii.

But neither of them has a clue how to best engage your incentive program participant.

The real value-add for an incentive and reward program isn’t in the delivery of the reward. The value-add is the design – the “how” the participant earns the award.

Don’t buy your program design from a fulfillment provider.

Don’t rely on the person who ships the scalpel to do your surgery or to diagnose whether you need surgery.

Pay for the real value in your incentive program. The DESIGN.

Fulfillment is the last yard of the process. Don’t get me wrong, fulfillment matters. It just doesn’t carry the same responsibility for the program’s success as design does.

Yet so many buyers want to compare prices on fulfillment and ignore where the real product lives.

The real product for an incentive program lives in the design – not the fulfillment.