You can reward anything you want.

Think about that.

When you have a flexible platform for rewarding behaviors and outcomes you can experiment a bit.

If you think having your salespeople go to more networking events will drive sales, then simply run an incentive to reward people for doing that. See if sales go up. Do you think having more client outings will increase bid requests – then reward client outings and see what happens.

No need to change your compensation structure.

No need to update your entire marketing plan for your distribution channel.

Just a simple update to the site – send an email to the audience – track – reward – review results.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


A well-architected incentive platform gives you the freedom to experiment.

Iterate. Experiment.

Remember, if you always do what you’ve done, you always get what you got.


Bonus Bonus Bonus

Touch here to register for an upcoming webinar September 17th on program design missteps. 

Webinar panelists will include myself and Kurt Nelson, PHD – President and Founder, Lantern Group, co-Founder, Behavioral Grooves and Tim Houlihan, Chief Behavioral Strategist at BehaviorAlchemy and co-Founder, Behavioral Grooves.

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