I started blogging in 2006 with the blog called “Incentive Intelligence.”

I had to write under a pseudonym to hide my corporate attachment because the “lawyers” at my company said it was too risky to blog. (Pro-tip: Lawyers make lousy market forecasters.) The original blog was written on the typepad platform and is still out there, albeit in pretty bad shape. You can take a look at – https://incentive-intelligence.typepad.com/incentive_intelligence/ – if you want to read some really old stuff. Truth – some of it I’ve repurposed and republished. Why waste good stuff? A lot of it is highly prescient if I do say so myself.

Incentive Intelligence is also where I got my now stupid sounding twitter handle @IncentIntel. I was new to twitter and had to hide my real name, so it made sense at the time. Sometimes it’s tough to be an early adopter.

When I started I posted almost every workday. I had over 2,000 posts.

I sold my business in 2012 (which included the original blog) and when I wanted to start back up under my own name in 2015 I had to start over from scratch. Since then, because of work I’ve not been able to put the time and energy into the blog. But I am feeling the siren call of blogging again. I need to find a way to work blogging back into my now, much busier work life. And I think I have.

First … I’m resurrecting the “brand.”

This site will still have my name as the URL – but the title will once again be “Incentive Intelligence” and I’ll be attempting to focus on the design and implementation of incentive and influence programs that nudge behaviors in the channel and in sales organizations.

But I’m going to try to adopt a different style.

Enter Seth Godin.

Seth Godin has made his posting style an art form. Quick hits. Pithy, memorable content. Bite-sized chunks of information that 8 out of 10 times after reading you nod to yourself and say … “Yeah… I get that. He’s right.”

It doesn’t change your world, but it reminds you of things that are important – or things you thought were important but really aren’t.

He’s my new muse. From now on everything I do on the blog from the posts themselves, to any podcasts, to maybe a few videos, will all be condensed.

Shorter. Less. Compact.

I’m not sure how well I’m going to do with this new direction seeing as I’ve already used over 375 words telling you how I’m rebooting my old franchise with fewer words in my posts.

Goal #1 not accomplished.

But stay tuned.

More more posts coming – but with fewer words.


I promise.

Dang… stop writing!



That’s it. I’m done.


Okay, this time I mean it.

I do.

Oh… and my new post will be up by end of day tomorrow.

Wait for it!