I should probably be posting this on Groundhog’s Day.

Since I’ve rebooted Incentive Intelligence and focused on delivering shorter posts, more often, it is becoming harder and harder to come up with new and distinct topics with which to blow your mind.

Trust me – it’s not easy coming up with a good post once a week let alone every workday. (At least I think they are good.)

But as I lamented my shortcomings around creating new and different content, it struck me that the goal of the site isn’t to have new content every day but to influence your behaviors so you have better designed programs and/or you ping me to help you with your program design.

In other words, repeating myself, while not as fulfilling as a writer, it is definitely on-brand with the goal of this site.

Therefore, I’m alerting you now.

You will see multiple posts on a general theory, a practice, or various approaches to influencing behaviors.

And that’s good.

Ongoing exposure helps communicate and educate. My goals. 

So, repeat after me…

This is a great blog.

This is a great blog.

This is a great blog.

There ya go.

So, what do you think about this blog?

It’s a great one.

Why, thank you.