One month ago I wrote a post called “World Wide Epidemic of Rude and Negative – Support Our Better Angels.” The point of the post was that too much of our energy is spent on negative thinking and negative actions. I highlighted research that showed rudeness is contagious. In addition the more you see rudeness and negativity – the more you project that onto situations where the really isn’t any. Rude and negative becomes our default setting.

I mentioned in that post I wanted to do something about negative thinking and promote the positive. Especially in the HR space. I posted on FistfulofTalent about the number of people hating on HR and how repeating something over and over can make it seem true even if it isn’t. I started the LinkedIn group #HRPositive (click link in my sidebar if you want to jump in on this new movement of HR positivity.)

Well – it took off. We’re 400+ strong and starting to get some really good interaction.

dthrAnd… tomorrow I’ll be on the Drive Thru HR blogtalkradio program at 1:00 EDT.

I urge you to listen in as I pump up the volume on #HRPositive.

In the meantime – be positive. Even in a negative world there is positive to spread.

And …. If you’re interested… being positive can actually change your brain chemistry and your brain structure. Not kidding. Check this article on David Hamilton’s site “Using Science to Inspire” An excerpt:

For some people, a negative emotional response is typical when faced with life’s challenges. But it can be changed.

Even when this is a habit, neuroplasticity means that it can be overturned. As we make a conscious effort to adopt a different attitude, the brain circuits that processed our old way of thinking begin to fade, like the way a muscle atrophies if you stop using it. In a sense, the brain doesn’t want to waste energy maintaining the circuits if they are not needed as much.


So – changing your mind is not only a mental thing – it is a physical one.

Listen tomorrow to the show and also sign up for #HRPositive on LinkedIn.