My THE Ohio State University fandom took a hit in this “Paul”Cast  because my guest – Patrick Lynch – got his undergrad at that school up north and then doubled down getting his MBA at its little sister, the Spartans. (O – H…)

When I started these “Paul”Casts I wanted to dig into advice people wished they had received early in their career. Pat sent me a note and suggested we talk about “outplacement services.” Go figure – that’s what Pat’s company does. I’ll be honest, at first I thought I’d pass because that discussion didn’t seemed to be one focused on advice to help a career. But the more I thought about it the more I thought a person early in their career may not think they need the help of outplacement services. I know I didn’t. So for all you folks new to a career… layoffs are more common and no one is immune. Hope this quick 20 minutes will convince you take advantage of the services you’re offered if you ever find yourself in this position.

Quick background on Pat…

Pat is the President of The Frontier Group, human capital management consulting firm that provides Outplacement, Executive Search and Leadership development solutions for client firms across the Southeast USA.

Prior to The Frontier Group Pat had senior marketing and sales positions with leading consumer product companies such as Georgia Pacific, Kao Brands, Kraft/General Foods and The HON Company managing products ranging from soaps to steel safes.

Pat is also involved with several non-profits: he is a Board Member of Special Pops Tennis, a non-profit that offers an adaptive tennis program specifically designed to share the lifetime sport of tennis with children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  He also manages to do some additional volunteering time with the Atlanta chapter of SHRM.

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