You don’t need me to tell you business is not normal.

I don’t have to see your financials to know your numbers aren’t what you expected them to be.

And I don’t need to talk to you to know you feel like there is nothing you can do.

I’ve felt like there is nothing I can do too. But I was wrong. 

I do see many brands/companies holding tight. Watching. Waiting. They are surveying the landscape and hoping to see some light that indicates they should go back to their 2019 game plan and restart it. Those brands will probably fall behind the brands that are leveraging this time to build relationships. 

Good brands/companies know that GOOD business is always built on relationships not transactions. And during this time of COVID when transactions are difficult, smart brands are working on relationships. They know connecting today will put them first in line for transactions when the economy opens up.

Working on relationships includes:

  • Checking in with past customers and asking how they are doing – not selling – asking.
  • Providing ways to be trained and educated on the market and your product and service. If you have a platform for rewards use it for rewarding these activities. 
  • Recognize the goals you set for your incentive programs last year are irrelevant today. Readjust or even eliminate those goals. Any transaction is a great transaction today. Be thankful and reward that loyalty. 
  • Use your reward platform to communicate successes in your channel. Share what’s working and what’s not. Help your channel not just lean on them. 

In other words, today is the day for creating connections not cracking the whip. 

This is a tough time. You need to use it to be soft. 

Being soft now will help you reap the benefits in the future as your channel rewards you in the future for your