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Six years ago I wrote a post on Fistful of Talent called “Just Throw Strikes.”

The gist of the post was that too often what we think is helpful advice is rarely that. At best it is just a restatement of obvious facts or at worst, a group of words strung together with no meaning whatsoever. In the post I recounted my experience as a cringing father of a high school baseball kid pitching in a high stakes game. The crowd screaming at my kid “Just throw strikes!”

Yeah – no one thinks of that right?

That is the same as telling managers to “focus on engagement.” Or – “motivate your team.” Or even – “be more transparent.” What does being transparent even mean? Calling Claude Rains!

So much of the blogosphere and consulting is about empty statements designed to sound smart but yet do little to help you do the job you want done. And nowhere does this happen more than in the employee engagement world. The entire employee engagement “practice” is rife with simple platitudes and little real, actionable information.

Until now of course!

Anyperk Webinar ImageMay 25th – Noon EDT – Webinar

“Designing Employee Engagement Initiatives that Actually Work”

I haven’t done a webinar in a while and I’m chomping at the bit to do one. And I’m happy to join Michael Stapleton, VP Marketing at Anyperk, to present a discussion on how to actually put together an employee engagement initiative that will work.

Sure, we’ll talk some basics, some studies, some stats. But we won’t leave it there. We’ll also walk through specific things you can do to set up a sustainable engagement initiative. The abstract I put together reads something like this:

Join anyperk – a perks and rewards platform used by over 1,000 companies – from startups to Fortune 500 companies across the U.S – for a webinar that gives you the “whys” AND the “hows” of employee engagement.

Sign up and learn:

  • The ONE thing you HAVE to do to succeed (and it isn’t what you think)
  • The TWO sides to the reward discussion (it’s not always about stuff)
  • The THREE major parts of the engagement planning process (it doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective)
  • The FOUR ways the different generations in your organization view engagement (this will surprise you – more alike than not?)


Sounds like fun, right? RIGHT!

Click here to register. Look forward to having on the webinar next week.

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