I’ve seen posts on LinkedIn saying now is the time to sell, sell, sell and spend, spend, spend on marketing and sales because others won’t. Grab share today through marketing and sales. Take advantage of this problem to help yourself. Surprise – it was written by a marketing agency! Look up self-serving in the dictionary to see their logo.)

You could do that. 

And be a jerk

Or you could reach out and check in on customers. See where they are and what they need. 

Be a calming voice. Be a reassuring voice. Buy their product if you can. 

Don’t leverage a crisis for your own gain. People will see through that. Leverage the crisis for their gain.

I’m not suggesting you don’t sell. I’m suggesting you sell with empathy. Solve their pain not yours. 

I get it. You need sales. Your program participants are going to sell less and earn less. But this is a time for you to show your true colors.

Reward empathy where you find it. Reward innovation around your products and services that help your clients deal with our new-normal.

This isn’t about pulling back and doing nothing. 

This is about recalibrating for the near/mid-term and rewarding different behaviors.

Behaviors that help us ALL, not behaviors that help us alone

Be safe. Be clean. Be helpful.