Coming up with something interesting (and new) to write about relating to incentives is getting pretty hard. I usually come up with something I feel I haven’t addressed. I quickly write a positioning paragraph and then go check my posts over the last few months to see if I’ve hit on that idea before. I’m running about 90% yes. Yes, I have written about that little nugget of brilliance. 

Maybe my goal of posting something every day is too lofty?

Maybe my field of commentary is too narrow? Seth Godin writes every day. Although, he covers a pretty broad range of topics which might make it easier to keep from repeating. 

Maybe missing a goal now and then is a sign the goal is set just right?

What say you?

Is a goal you hit easily a good goal?

If hitting it regularly makes it too easy then what would a hit percentage be to make a goal a good goal?

In baseball a 400 plus batting average is pretty lofty. The last person to do that in a season was Ted Williams in 1941. The top hitter of all time is Ty Cobb and he’s only at 366. So for baseball 30% seems to be a good goal.

But what about your sales people or channel?

Would you be happy with a salesperson hitting 36% of their goals? Or is 80% more to your liking. 

I don’t know. 

But your job is to set the goals, monitor the achievement, and adjust. 

There you go… just hit my goal of posting every day …  for one more day.