HR is a tough job. And there are tough people who do this job. One of them is Lisa Rosendahl.

Today is Tim Sackett Day – a day to recognize someone in HR who doesn’t usually get the props they deserve. Someone who makes the trains run and makes people happy. She’s a cross-fit enthusiast, mother, wife and knows how to shoot a gun. Yeah – Lisa is a veteran and knows 103 different ways to kill you with a zucchini (or so I’ve heard and I’m not one who wants to find out.)


Lisa is an HR professional who cares and makes a difference and that’s why it’s important to take time on Tim Sackett Day to recognize her and let the world know about Lisa.

Take a minute and peruse her digital footprint and connect. You won’t be sorry.

And – apropos of this past weekend’s multi-million woman march – she I co-founder and past editor of, a multi-contributor blog dedicated to women in human resources and business.

I urge you to connect with Lisa. Follow her and be a part of her HR wake. It will be fun and interesting.

PS – bonus points – she’s a great human being too!

Congrats to Lisa Rosendahl on Tim Sackett day 2017!!!