A great post from a connection on LinkedIn this morning said something along the lines of:

You don’t need 7 Secrets to Being an “X” Ninja. You just need to do the 80% of the simple things most people don’t do.

That is so true. 

We are enamoured by the “big” successes but forget those are all outliers.

Most success comes from doing the little things extremely well and extremely often.

Your incentive program should reward those things. Not the BIG, seldom experienced outlier events. 

Reward the 80% you know works but yet few do. 

I know – it’s always tough when you hear your mom and dad’s voice in your ear saying – “if it’s worth doing doing it right.”

It’s worth doing the small stuff. Do that right. You’d be surprised how rare that actually is.

And then reward it. 

Mic drop.