I hear a lot of people say that those of us that buy Powerball tickets are stupid.

They say we are throwing away our money. They say we have no chance of winning. Well… not exactly… we have a chance. But it is a really, really, really, really small one. (Click here to see all the things you have a better chance of – being killed by a vending machine is one of them.) To those that give us Powerball players the side-eye and mock us with your rock-solid logic and in-our-face-rationality we say…

Bugger off!

You, my friend, are missing the point.

The lottery isn’t about winning. It is about the “possibility” of winning.

Dream a Little Dream

See – while you walk around knowing you have the same income tomorrow, the same beater Datsun B210 in the driveway, the same peeling ceiling in the bathroom, the same refrigerator with the broken ice-maker, the same credit card debt, the same way-too-loud off balance clothes washer, and the same 65” 4K Ultra-HiDef Curved 3d OLED TV (American’s have really lousy priorities when it comes to spending our money) – I will be walking around thinking about who I’ll invite on my yacht first. I’ll be rehearsing my FU Money speech. I’ll be whispering another inside joke about Lady GaGa’s leodress in Leo’s ear while we sip artisanal champagne on my private continent (private islands are so 2015.)

See… because I have a ticket (or two) I get the fantasy. You, however, get the reality.

Fantasy is infinitely better even if it is only for few hours or days. That’s why I always buy my tickets as early as possible – avoid lines – increase mega-rich-master-of-the-universe dreaming time. And planning on winning is hard work!

Me #winning. You – keep reading.

In Other News…

But for those of you who can’t dream about your alternative life with Scrooge McDuck money you CAN have a better life in two ways.


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Tomorrow – January 14 at 2:00 ET I’ll be doing a webinar on the death (or is it alive) of performance reviews. As if those of us with bank need a review of our performance… pffft… but for those of you who didn’t buy tickets the link to the webinar is here – register (it’s not free – see – should bought the ticket!)


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