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Get Creative by Getting Out of Your Own Way

I don’t know whether James Clear is brilliant or just smart. He wrote the book Atomic Habits (very good.) I subscribe to his weekly email. He formats it with a 3-2-1 thing.  Three ideas from him. Two quotes from others. One… Continue Reading →

Behavior Under Pressure

I remember my first DISC training session way way back. Pre-computers. Yeah – you read that right. It was a while ago. I reviewed it a bit before writing this post and it has changed over the years. DISC is… Continue Reading →

The 3 Things I INSIST Be In EVERY Incentive Program

I saw the term “non-negotiables” on my Twitter feed today. The context was the current state of working in America has broken some of the things just a few months ago were “non-negotiable.” Working from home, applying for a job… Continue Reading →

3 NON-Award Ways to Drive Participant Engagement

I have yet to meet a client who doesn’t want more audience engagement with their marketing, training, and incentive programs. Even if the data said they were getting 100% engagement my clients would still ask, “Can’t you get more?” The… Continue Reading →

Does Your Incentive Audience Have Behavioral Memory?

What is Behavioral Memory? Something I just made up. I think. I typically google any subject I am going to post about to one – make sure I didn’t post on this topic before (after 16 years of blogging you… Continue Reading →

Applied Behavioral Science – Rubber Meet Road

So often you’ll see incentive companies push the results of some academic study or some “research” that show cash isn’t a good motivator or that long-term incentives drive more results than short-term incentives or that tall people are 22.6% more… Continue Reading →

Crypto Awards? 5 Reasons It’s Coming Soon to a Program Near You

You think I’m kidding. I’m not. I’ve been thinking a lot about cryptocurrency as an award option since I first heard of Bitcoin around 2010. At first, it was simply a distraction. Then it started to grow and get competitors…. Continue Reading →

3 Most Important Moments in Your Incentive/Reward Program

Facebook – huh – yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing Say it again, y’all Facebook, huh (good God) What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me, oh   Except when it provides fodder for these genius… Continue Reading →

What is Your Personal Operating System? Asking for a friend…

This isn’t a post about what I know. It’s a post to ask you about what YOU know.  I am a process maniac. I NEED to make process outlines, project timelines/Gannt charts/Kanban boards – you name it. I read probably… Continue Reading →

Is Your Marketing Initiative Ugly?

I had this saved in my “write about someday” folder: The author and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry on motivating others: “If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the people to gather wood, divide the work, and give… Continue Reading →

Squirrel! Don’t Ask Participants to do too many things…

Multi-tasking is (was?) the badge of the productive. So many folks I have worked with, and for, have assumed “activity” was the operative input for productivity. The reality is very different. I know I have tried to multi-task for years…. Continue Reading →

Repeat after me: “Top of Mind is no Accident”

We have hundreds of choices to make each day. Some are simple like take a shower or not take a shower. Some are much more complex, invest in annuities or get insurance. But for many marketers, the important thing is… Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Better Incentive Program Design (and none of the steps have anything to do with incentives.)

To paraphrase my father – “Anything worth doing is worth doing simply.” He may have said “is worth doing well” but I think that may be a sub-set of what I wrote. Too often when faced with an objective/goal we… Continue Reading →

2020 Goal Setting – Yeah… Right

I’m sure you laughed when you read that. Heck, I laughed when I wrote it. Think back to the end of 2019. There you are in a conference room or your office (remember those?) reviewing historic sales figures, thinking through… Continue Reading →

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

I know the pandemic has added a level of caution to any decision on marketing investments. Know that it isn’t “just you” – we are seeing the same reticence with other clients too. Not ideal for anyone but totally understandable…. Continue Reading →

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