A month ago myself and too very scary guys from Behavioral Grooves – Tim Houlihan and Dr. Kurt Nelson – crafted our Frankenstein of an ebook called: “7 Deadly Sins to Avoid in Sales Incentive Design.”

We then followed that up with a webinar. 

Get both of those here.

Click to download webinar and ebook!


And then, because we’re “bone to be wild”, we lit up the airwaves with an hour-long discussion related to the ebook and webinar. One listener told us… “I can’t believe you said that thing at the 31 minute mark.” High praise indeed!

Click below to listen. But warning – don’t listen in a dark room around midnight. Weird things have been known to happen.



All three of these resources are sure to scare you or your boss into changing your incentive structure. And, while you may not believe in ghosts, this content is certifiable. And true. Just like all those shows on the History Channel.


Are you strong enough to hear the truth?

Do you have what it takes to confront your fears?

Then click the links and get your fright on and cross-over to the good-program-design side. 

I dare you.