In taking with a client yesterday they mentioned something I thought was interesting – and may become part of every program I design going forward.

The client said one of the things he felt his sales force needed to do more of to be successful is… wait for it… read.

That’s right. Read.

He felt if his salespeople read more, about the industry, their profession (sales), general business, or even technology, it would make his salespeople better businesspeople and therefore better salespeople.

I would have to agree.

Almost every successful person I know is well read.

I tried to think if I had ever seen a program before that focused on behaviors like this that weren’t directly tied to the job and couldn’t.

I think I’m going to add this to most of my programs.

Maybe I’ll create bonuses around sharing best reads, best quotes from recent bestsellers, etc. Create the sales incentive book of the month club so to speak.

Some might say if someone can sell without reading then why force them to? Well, we’re not. These types of incentives are choices, participants aren’t punished for not doing them, but instead rewarded when they do them. If you want to earn additional awards – read some books. If not. No harm no foul. Just sell some more or do another behavior-based activity.

But I’ll bet those that take advantage of the reading challenge will ultimately be better sellers, better employees, and more well-rounded. And, dare I say it. They may even be happier.

Give it a try. I know I will.

PS: reading this blog would should definitely be a point-earner in your program.