Running an ongoing incentive program using points or credits instead of cash or debit cards allows a company to create a branded connection between the company and their audiences’ successes.

When the program participant thinks of the things they have earned or been recognized for, they think of your brand.

Performance points for incentives create not only a “branded” currency associated with your company but it also creates a “performance currency”. Your currency can be used for anything performance related.

You can create challenges for behaviors, awards for sales outcomes, for using technology and reporting, for submitting forms and questionnaires, whatever helps you achieve company goals.

And when you have performance currency you can create a performance economy for your channel or sales organization.

All your desired behaviors and success metrics now exist in their own economy that you can promote, manipulate and manage to get the most out of of you – and get the most for your participants.

It’s not “just” a “point”. It’s access to entire economy of awards..