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I wrote a post for HRExaminer in November of 2010 called “Pushing HR to the Edges”. That was NINE years ago. Wowser. My picture associated with that post should hangin a post office. Ugh.

As was my “old” style – I probably took way too many words to get to the point of the post which was this:

“HR needs to push their traditional work out to the edges where time can be leveraged not wasted.”

And that concept should also be applied to your incentive application.

Live on the Edge

Find a way to allow people close to the point of interaction – whether that be with clients, user, etc. that can influence the goals you want to achieve – to reward the observable behaviors that lead to success.

Give sales managers discretionary points to use with their sales people.

Give Field salespeople a way to hand out awards – points, scratch offs, whatever – when they see a dealer or distributor sales or service person doing the right thing.

Push the award process further into the channel.

This will have two profound effects on your program.

  1. It moves the award closer to the behaviors you want to see more of, which has a much higher motivational impact
  2. It gets your audience engaged with the program. They are more than recipients. They control the reward aspect. They are now PART of the program not the “target” of it.


If you’re not living on the edge – you’re taking up too much room.


Look down…

You want this. 

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