Don’t take your incentive program so seriously.

I know it is supposed to help you increase sales or drive profits. That’s serious business. And, if designed correctly it should do that about 90% of the time.

But remember, all work and no play make Jack and Jill look for work at your competitor.

If the only thing your incentive program does is remind 20% of the people they are rock stars and rub 80% of the audience’s nose in the fact that only 20% are rock stars – how many of the 80% are going to pay any attention to you and your chides to get them “excited” about earning awards? (Wow…  can you say really long sentence?)

Use your platform and the attention you have with your audience to have some fun.

Leverage pop culture with a fun activity around some headline in the news. (Protip: stay away from politics.)

Do a quick, EASY crossword puzzle using terms in your industry.

Ask people to give come up with “fake” products in your industry that are funny. Give away prizes for the best one.

In other words – have some fun. Play!

You want your audience to like you and your brand. Stop being a taskmaster and have some recess now and then.

And because it is Monday …