I’ve heard on more than one occasion ideas are easy, execution is hard.

Let me rephrase that and say execution isn’t always hard – but it is always very, very scary.

The fun part about ideas is as long as they exist in the theoretical they really can’t be wrong. Ideas are simply points of view, opinions. But not being wrong also means it they necessarily right either. I think we forget that. It seems we want to put emphasis on “ideas” some guru writes about and forget those ideas are simply op-ed posts. That “gurus” super interesting post is nothing more than a halfway decent thought starter – not a proven approach with data points and successful case studies.

Don’t get me wrong we need ideas. But we need results too.

Moving an idea from the theoretical to the real hard. It’s a scary jump and one few people can do successfully.  Just look at the blogs (this one included) – a plethora of ideas – a dearth of real outcomes.


50over50 470 wide

I say all this because I’ve been pushing an idea called 50over50HR – an award for HR professionals over the age of 50. I’d put up the site (http://50over50HR.com.) I had secured judges. I had some sponsors. But I hadn’t really done a big time launch. I was waiting… holding back. Maybe I was subconsciously holding back because until it goes live – it is a great idea.  It is just another theoretically smart idea.

But… One of the Judges is Sarah Williams who writes for and does podcasts for the Performance I Create website did an interview with me for their most recent podcast about 50over50HR. I didn’t know when the podcast was going to run so I was waiting until I got a notice and then I’d put in place the big “launch” stuff. Well… the podcast went live. I wasn’t ready. I hadn’t hit the publish button.

Sarah’s podcast forced me to.

PDF image press releaseSo now have an PR release ready to go on Wednesday. You can download the PDF version here (or click the image to the right.) You can also check out the site now at http://50over50HR.com. Don’t forget to sign up and subscribe to updates!

I’ll be writing more on this in the weeks to come but the cat is out of the bag and the program is now LIVE LIVE LIVE.

Hitting the publish button is scary.

Sometimes we need someone to take that decision away from us. Thanks Sarah!

Check out the site and our wonderful sponsors!