parrotsIf you’re really looking for someone to help you drive employee engagement or any kind of engagement within your organization does it make sense to hire a company that typically just re-packages somebody else’s information?

In other words, if you go to a company’s blog and 99% of their posts are links to say Gallup or some other consulting company’s survey and all they say is “See, we told you so.”

Is that a company that will drive you forward from a thought leader standpoint? From a business standpoint?

Are they able to interpret your problem and help you solve it, or are they simply a mouthpiece for somebody else’s data?

Don’t get me wrong. I like to find data and link to it. I also like to think a bit and offer up how you might be able to use that information. My job isn’t to be your “google.” Google already does that for you. My job – and it should be theirs too – is to give you something more.

Blogging has become what the “website” was a little over a decade ago – everyone has to have one to “prove” they are in business and they “get” the interwebs . Unfortunately, like many of the websites built 10 years ago – the blogs today suck. They simply aggregate other people’s brains and pass them off as “thought leadership.”

You deserve more than that.

Don’t buy from parrots.

Buy from the source. Buy from someone who adds value to the relationship.