“Early to rise. Not to bed. The motto of 15,000 HR professionals. I saw the streets of Wacker, Wabash, Rush, littered with the detritus of HR parties, SHRM badges and vendor business cards. Business cards. Interesting they still have a place in 2018. Like the land line, TV dinners and wrist watches they exist simply to remind us they did.

The “J” bus was much quieter today. The riders with the eyes closed, heads back, waiting for the effect of Advil, Aleve and acetaminophen to kick in. It’s always quite day two. And it will be quieter day 3.

Observations from the hall yesterday:

More tattoos than last year. Few HR themed, but more nonetheless.

HR still demonstrates a complete lack of situational awareness. Regular occurrence, people stopping in mid-stride, in mid-hall, causing a slinky effect “people-crash” 10 or 15 deep. And don’t get a certain Professor started on the roller bags on the Expo floor. Like a big-rig on the highway – that added footage causes problems for all those around you. Keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings.

Smart Stage well attended. Not quite Ted talk, not quite Ignite or Disrupt. A happy medium of 18-20 minute presentation chunk designed to get you intrigued enough to follow up. Consider their goal achieved.

Hair extensions being sold as an employee benefit. This is not satire. This is a #fact. Would love to have been in the pitch meeting for spending money on that booth. But I hear there was a line for their swag. Never underestimate the power of the swag. You’ve been warned.

Irrational fear of birds – specifically sparrows. ‘Nuff said.’

If you put a game of chance in your booth you will get a long line. Even if the prize is a t-shirt.

Walking the floor again. I am punishing myself for sins of conferences past.

It is my burden, my cross.”

More to come…