Are you afraid? Are you intimidated? Was there a time in your career where you didn’t say something or didn’t do something because you were intimidated? Either by title, gender, tenure? Was your career stalled or at least slowed down because you were too intimidated by someone at work? That’s what Kristen Harcourt brings to the “Paul”Cast in this episode.

Kristen is a senior consultant with the McQuaig Institute. Kristen uses the assessment tools that McQuaig offers to help companies make better hiring decisions, help them drive employee engagement, decrease turnover  – basically, all of the things that almost every HR person has on their priority do list almost every single year.

Listen in as we riff on the idea of overcoming the intimidation factor and hear the one thing that 100% of all successful people do. Yeah – that’s click bait – but it is also the truth. Listen for it. It is a #FACT.

Click the play button below and learn about why you should be intimidated – from A to Zed.

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