Haven’t done a “Paul”Cast in a while and frankly – I felt really rusty in this episode. But Tess Ausman helped pull me through and we ended up with an interesting discussion on dressing for success when starting your career (or starting any new job for that matter.)

For the record – we had this whole discussion planned and ready to go way before the United dust up about the dress code for employees flying on free tickets. Seriously! But the recording only had one side of the conversation – me – and that is not the good side of any conversation – trust me. But Tess did persevere and got right back on the phone and did a second take. And I think you’ll be glad we did.

Brief Intro

Tess is passionate about leadership development and creating a talent revolution in the workplace, where leaders think about their people first instead of sacrificing them for results. Her core focus is on employees new to the workforce and new managers – groups that crave development and growth but are often left out of the conversation. With a career start as a high school history teacher and coach before moving HR, Tess has a refreshing perspective on common leadership issues and excels in helping others get to the root of their disengagement by developing personal action plans.

She is the founder of CLTleads, which aims to be a hub for Charlotte professionals to grow, network and hone skills to take them to the next level. Check her out at www.cltleads.com or @cltleads on Twitter.

Take a listen – and follow Tess when you can. (Email subscribers may need to click here to listen to the podcast.)

Brave enough to go live? Got a microphone? I dare ya…