Everyone is feeling uneasy. That’s normal. These are not “business as usual” times. 

But the worst thing you can do is freeze. While that defensive strategy might work for an opossum, for businesses it is a sure way to lose ground in the market.

At this juncture what you need are more brains focused on the problem and helping provide possible solutions.

And your incentive platform is the perfect way to reach out and solicit new ideas – and then SHARE them with your audience. Don’t hoard information. Share it. 

Show your distribution partners you care about their business by helping them with new ideas. 

Help your own sales force by giving them information they can bring to their contacts to help weather this storm. 

This will pass. And when it does, your partners will remember the company that helped them survive and you will be the first company they come back to in order to repay that kindness.

Use your incentive platform to solicit ideas for surviving and for sharing those ideas. 

The platform is a two-way communication channel – use it!

(Note: There are zero cute pictures of opossums. ZERO!)